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TPE / TPR - Thermoplastic Elastomer

CONCORD PLASTICS is specialized in manufacturing variety of elastomer products of SBS, SEBS. With the adoption of advanced technology and new materials, CONCORD PLASTICS offers many different kinds of high performance material to its customer.

In addition to general grades, CONCORD PLASTICS could also tailor-make products to meet specific needs. CONCORD PLASTICS is a nontoxic, odorless and environmental friendly performance materials. The hardness of CONCORD PLASTICS usually ranged from Shore OO 0 to Shore D 60. It could be appeared as opaque or transparent in color. CONCORD PLASTICS also carry some special grades with excellet weather ability, heat and low temperature resistance. Some special CONCORD PLASTICS grade could also bond to other plastics such as PC, ABS, PP and even PA for many soft-touch applications.

Because of our comprehensive product range and our quality consistency, CONCORD PLASTICS has played an important role in many industries including toys, shoes, stationeries, home appliances, kitchenware, medical care, sporting goods, wire & cable and auto parts, etc.

TPETPR table_Bi_20200608.png
TPETPR table_Bi_20200608 B.png


Since there are too many models apart than the above, please feel free to contact for more products details.

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