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Biodegradable Products

As a result of good weathering resistance which is one property of traditional plastics, they often need hundred to thousand years to decompose in the soil.  Wasted plastic products are causing environmental problems to our world. Tons of wasted plastic bags left on the soil surface acting like a huge film cause soil erosion.  It damages natural ecology in the long run.


In early time, people used Starch plastic; a material which used PP and PE mixing with starch and potato,(normally for the application of packaging) as biodegradable materials. Then new material liked PLA was developed; a material which made from corn and  starch (mainly for disposable tableware).  Although these materials are partially or totally made up from non-plastic materials,  the physical strength as well as the life cycle of these materials are not as good as traditional plastics , and therefore they are not commonly used.


Moreover there are other biodegradable materials such as Photodegradable plastics and Oxo-degradable plastics.  However, these materials require special pre-treatments like adding heat, light, or enhanced mechanical stress to decompose.  Also wasted plastics that made from these materials need to be collected and classified before taking to the decompose facilities.  Countries which do not have these facilities are not able to benefit from these materials. 


Our new developed Biodegradable Thermoplastic Elastomer, a material that can provide same mechanical strength and life cycle to common TPE, and is able to decompose completely in landfill disposal environment. This material requires no pre-treatments and no major changes in manufacturing machines.

life cycle of biodegradable plastic_2020


Biodegrade in both aerobic and anaerobic environment


Biodegradable TPE can biodegrade in aerobic and anaerobic environment.  One advantage is it will biodegrade in landfill disposal environment, which is commonly used in many countries for wasted plastic products.  For example, about 85% of wasted plastic products in the US end up in landfills.  Biodegradable TPE shows significant rates of biodegradation under ASTM D5511 test.

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