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Covestro and Trans-Textil cooperate in textile coating

Highly active AQUAIR® coated textiles are breathable, waterproof and highly individual in many areas of application.

Under the name AQUAIR® Trans-Textil GmbH is providing highly breathable coated textiles based on purely aqueous and solvent-free formula components from Covestro. In a joint and exclusive development, both partners have laid the foundation for this functional product line, which also focuses on ecological aspects.

"The microporous structure of the synthetics is permeable to water vapor and provides the greatest possible comfort in combination with individually selected textiles", explains Matthias Krings, managing director of Trans-Textil. "In combination with other functional layers, products created on this basis are also characterized by their considerable freedom of design in terms of structure, coloring and technical properties."

Advantage polyurethane

"The polyurethane coating is particularly abrasion-resistant and breathable, but in combination with membrane systems from Trans-Textil it can also be made both waterproof and windproof," adds Thomas Michaelis, expert for coated textiles at Covestro. "It is built on our water-based and sustainable INSQIN® technology, which also means that the production of coated textiles requires up to 95 percent less water and 50 percent less energy than previous processes based on solvents." As a result, this technology was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label as an economically viable and environmentally friendly solution.

This combination of properties combined with Trans-Textil's extensive portfolio of membrane systems, textile substrates and technologies provides its customers with a very wide range of sophisticated and individual products. Options include embossed designs in classic or exotic leather looks, textile structures or technical patterns, flexible coloring and a wide selection of textile substrates and spacer systems based on woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics, with which AQUAIR® can be combined in functional multi-layer composites.

Functional membrane systems from Trans-Textil ensure that multi-layer composites with AQUAIR® are waterproof while maintaining comfort thanks to its high degree of breathability.

In combination with Trans-Textil's technologies, the entirely water-based and solvent-free polyurethane dispersions of the Impranil® and Impraperm® ranges developed by Covestro enable unprecedented breathable properties with a level of comfort and functionality that far exceeds the standard of coated textiles. Water-repellent properties are already integrated into the materials meaning that no additional finishing with harmful substances such as perfluorinated and polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs) is required.


AQUAIR® Trans-Textil GmbH以科思创提供的纯水性和无溶剂配方成分为基础,提供高度透气的涂层纺织品。通过联合和独家开发,双方合作伙伴为这一功能性产品线奠定了基础,该功能性产品线还侧重于生态方面。

Trans-Textil董事总经理Matthias Krings解释说:“合成纤维的微孔结构可透过水蒸气,并与单独选择的纺织品结合使用,可提供最大程度的舒适感。与其他功能层相结合,在此基础上创建的产品还在结构、色彩和技术特性方面有相当大的设计自由度。”


科思创涂层纺织品专家Thomas Michaelis补充说:“聚氨酯涂层特别耐磨,透气。与Trans-Textil的膜系统结合使用,也可以既防水又防风。 它建立在我们的水基可持续INSQIN®技术之上,这也意味着与以前的基于溶剂的工艺相比,涂层纺织品的生产所需的水量减少了95%,能源消耗减少了50%。”因此,该技术被授予“Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions”标签,是一种经济可行且环保的解决方案。



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